Classroom Decor

DIY Teacher Toolbox

I finally created my very own teacher toolbox! I have seen other teachers creating these and loved the idea because of how organized it is and I finally got around to making my own, complete with watercolor cactus themed labels! I decided to paint the outside of it a soft cream color so it will fit nicely into the Montessori environment. I will link all the materials I used in this project at the bottom of this post! 

I ordered the organizer off of amazon. I did look at Lowes but they didn’t have the one that I was looking for. Once it came in the mail I spray painted it using Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint and the color was Chiffon Cream. I really like the way that this paint looks on the organizer once it dries. It is a matte finish instead of a regular gloss finish so there is no shine to it which I really like!

I took out all the plastic drawers and took the organizer outside to spray paint it. I did one full coat then let it dry and then added a second coat. I let it dry over night and thats it! Super easy DIY project and you can choose any color of paint to best match your classroom or office or where ever you are choosing to put your organizer.

Once it was all painted and ready to go I needed some labels. I wanted them to be light colored and sort of blend in with the cream color that I painted the organizer so I went with a watercolor cactus theme for the labels. You can get a copy of the labels here! There is one set of 8 large labels (for High-lighters, Washi Tape, Sticky Notes, Pens, Magnetic Tape and Scotch Tape) and 14 small labels (Paper Clips, Velcro, Glue Sticks, Erasers, Binder Rings, Brads, Staple Remover, Band-Aids, Safety Pins, Push Pins, Rubber Bands, White Out, Staples and Misc. Items) ready to print! There are also 8 large and 14 small editable labels where you can add your own text and create the labels for what you need!

Once you print out your labels all you have to do is laminate them, cut them out and attach them to the drawers. I created these labels to fit on the inside of the drawer and I used a tiny piece of double sided tape on the front of the label at the top to stick it up against the front of the drawer. They fit really nicely and you can easily see through the plastic to read the label.