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Mother’s Day Flower Questionnaire Craft

Looking for a fun and easy Mother’s Day craft?!  This questionnaire art activity is super easy and makes a great gift. With this craft, students are able to color and cut out a flower and on each petal there is a question or a prompt for them to answer about their mom. They had a lot of fun with this! To add to this activity, I put each paper flower in a mini clay pot and added a packet of seeds for them to plant with their mom on Mother’s Day! Overall I like this Mother’s Day craft because it inexpensive and doesn’t require a ton of work besides some cutting!

First thing I did was print out the flowers for each student onto  white card stock. Its important to use card stock because it helps the paper flower stand up right when you put it in the pot. I had my students color their flowers first with colored pencil (that way I could still write their answers). After I wrote down all their answers we cut them out and glued them onto another piece of colored card stock. Then I cut the colored card stock into the shape of the flower leaving a little bit around the edge so you can still see the color. That’s it! You can get a copy of the flower questionnaires here.


Finding enough mini clay pots was a little difficult. They do sell them at the dollar store but they sell out fast and by the time I went back to get more they were all out. So I ended up finding the rest of them at Walmart. I was on a mission to get them all done and ready to go this weekend so I didn’t have time to order them online or I would have ordered them from amazon. This is the best deal and the extra I would just save for the next year, or maybe use them to plant some seeds to go along with our spring/flower theme.

100 – Mini 1 3/4″ Clay Pots – Great for Plants and Crafts

I also got the seed packets from Walmart. They ranged from about .20$ to .50$, so pretty inexpensive. I folded the seed packets in half, stuck them in the pot and then slid the paper flower in behind the seed pack and it holds the flower in perfectly! Happy crafting!