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There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Frog, Spring Writing Prompt and Color Festival

Well you can’t really tell from the weather but it is officially spring! I am so excited and so are my students. We are tired of indoor recess and having to worry about coats jackets hats ect when heading outside. We are so so ready for some sunshine!

We have been talking all about spring, reading spring books and doing some fun spring activities.

First 1 of my fav Spring books.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Frog. We have read this book so many times already my students have it memorized lol. But they still love it! To keep it interesting and fun when reading it for what feels like the 100th time I like to stop and talk about the words in the book that rhyme. Then I ask them what word could the author have used instead that would rhyme and still make sense in the story, they are so creative with this. We recreate the story as a class using different rhyming words and the students love it. I also have a fun printable where students are able to color, cut and paste the different items that the old lady eats. You can find it here.

Another fun spring activity we did was this spring writing prompt. To get their little minds thinking about spring we read the book When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes. This book is so cute and it talks about all the different things that happen when Spring is coming. The writing prompt goes along perfectly and encourages students to think about not only what they see during spring but what they hear and what they smell. Also a great opportunity to practice using our different senses. When I did this with my students I had them close their eyes and I played different recordings of spring sounds and asked my students what they heard. This was really fun and great practice using their sense of hearing!

Lastly, this week we will be doing our very own color festival! This is probably one of my students favorite activities of the year. The color festival is in celebration of Holi which was Thursday March 1 and Friday March 2. Since this is an outdoor activity we have had to postpone our festival due to weather, but its supposed to be really nice this week so I think we will finally be able to do it! To start off the fun I read the book Festival of Colors by Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal. You can get a copy of it on amazon here Festival of Colors.This is a really fun book that talks about a little girl, Chintoo, and little boy, Mintoo, and how they get ready for the Holi Festival. In the book the children gather different types of flowers that they dry out and grind down to create the colored powders. Then the illustrations show them all dressed in white heading outside with their colored powders meeting up with all their family and friends. There is also a note from the authors in the back that I like to read to students that talks about the Holi Festival and what it symbolizes. I think the best part of this activity is the cultural awareness it brings and the exposure that it gives students to traditions of other countries!

Admin orders the colored powder for this event for the whole school and then we separate it into individual bags for each student. We head outside and give each student one bag. We send an email out to parents prior to this event asking them to send their child to school in a white shirt on this day. It is a really fun event and the students love it! 

We also practice our sign language for colors while reading this book that the students learned from this song. The best part is my students are loving sign language so much that I don’t even have to ask them to show me, as I read this book someone always starts showing me the sign for the color, they love it!

If you are in a Montessori classroom, like me, this would also be a great time to introduce the mortar and pestle work in your practical life area or add some fun to it if you have already been using it. You can order dried flowers for pretty cheap off of amazon and add them to your mortar and pestle work for the students to grind down just like Chintoo and Mintoo do in the story. What is your favorite way to celebrate spring? Comment below and share your activities!