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Leprechaun Themed Activities


The kids are so interested in leprechauns right now! Yesterday we had a long discussion all about leprechauns. They want to now where they live, what they look like, what they do. One student asked me if the leprechaun will bring him anything when he comes and another student responded, no the leprechaun is not the same as Santa! Haha! So I have been doing as many Leprechaun activities as possible and I thought I would put some of them together in this post to share with you. Hopefully you can take some of these and use them in your class this month!

One of the first activities we did was a writing prompt “If I were a Leprechaun I would…” I wanted to spark their interest with this and get their imaginations flowing so first we read the book How To Catch A Leprechaun by Adam Wallace. I like this book because it talks about the different things that Leprechauns do like turn the toilet water green and put glitter in people’s hair, the kids think it is hilarious! After we read, we brainstormed different things that we could do if we were leprechauns. This gets them prepped with tons of ideas for their writing prompt! Depending on your students age you can have them write their responses themselves or you can write it for them. I teach 3-5 year olds so for the most part I am writing down their responses that they give to me verbally. I love activities like this because their responses are so funny sometimes! After I write down their response they get to illustrate it. I always save projects like this to put together in their end of the year portfolio that we send home. You can get the free writing prompt printable here!



Another activity we have been doing is the 5 Little Leprechauns Song which I originally found here. They have instructions on how to make a cute finger puppet out of a green glove but I was kind of in a hurry when I decided to use this song so I went with a quicker option! I printed out 5 leprechauns that I had purchased as clipart. I laminated them and cut them out and then hot glued a strip of felt on the back so I could slip them onto my fingers and then remove one at a time when they dance away in the song. The kids picked up on this activity really quickly and we have used it multiple times during circle time. I have also had students ask to use the finger puppets during work time! They get a partner and take turns wearing the puppets and singing the song. It is also a good practice for counting backwards from 5 and we always talk about what zero means at the end. My younger students don’t always understand the concept that zero means nothing so I make sure to emphasize that when we have zero leprechauns left we have nothing and we can’t sing the song anymore if we don’t have any leprechauns. Being able to take the finger puppets off and hide them also emphasizes that zero means nothing because by the end I have hidden all the leprechauns.

Find the original post for this song here!

Here are some pictures of the finger puppets I made. The leprechauns that I used are clip art that I purchased from Whimsy Clips. These were so so easy to put together!





I have also been trying to add more math activities to our circle time so I created this felt board activity with inspiration from my Wiggly Worm activity. I switched the worm out for a leprechaun and cut out shamrocks for him to hide under instead of apples. 

I place all the shamrocks out randomly on the felt board. As I am putting the numbers out we talk about the name of the number and practice counting by 10’s to that number. In my Wiggly Worm activity, the numbers on the apples are 1-10. I use that activity in the beginning of the year so by now the kids are very familiar with those numbers so I have switched to 10-100 to introduce larger numbers as well as skip counting. To get started I have the kids hide their eyes and turn around and then I hide the leprechaun under one of the shamrocks. Then I sing this fun rhyme, “A sneaky little leprechaun is running around, under which clover will he be found?” The kids then know that they can open their eyes and raise their hand to guess where the leprechaun is hiding! When they pick the number that he is under we practice our skip counting by 10’s.

There are a ton of ways you could create this game for your class including cutting the shamrocks out of felt by hand or even printing them out, writing the number on them and laminating them! Let me know if you use these activities in your class, I love to see what your students are doing! Comment here or tag @theteachingwillow on instagram with your pictures! Subscribe below so you don’t miss out on future posts and activities!