Rainbow Song Sign Language Activity

We are talking all things rainbow in our class these days and the kids are loving it!

We started this activity by discussing rainbows. What is a rainbow? (I got some really great answers from that one!) Have you ever seen a rainbow, what colors are in a rainbow ect. This was an awesome group discussion and the kids are so creative and love to share about their own experiences. Then I taught them a Colors of the Rainbow song. There are a ton of different versions of rainbow songs on google but the these are the lyrics I use:

Red Orange Yellow, Green Blue Purple

Red Orange Yellow, Green Blue Purple

Red Orange Yellow, Green Blue Purple

Those are the colors of the Rain-bow! (The kids like to shout the last part “bow”, not too loudly of course but they really look forward to that part haha!)

I am not sure exactly what the tune of this song is but if you practice it out loud a few time you can figure out the best way to sing it. This is a super simple song and the kids pick it up really quickly and then I added the sign language! We reviewed what we already know about sign language and practiced signing the alphabet because most of the colors are signed using the sign for the letter that they start with. For example, blue is signed by doing the sign for B and then twisting your hand right to left. Since we have already been practicing the alphabet in sign language, it was pretty easy for the kids to catch onto the signs for the colors. (If you’re interested in how I started sign language in my class you can read about it here!)


Here are links for how to sign each color.








We practiced the signs a few times each and then used them together with the song and the kids picked it up so quickly! Then we played a game using colors in sign language. I put colored items inside a bag and explained to the students that I was going to pull an item out and show them and they had to tell me what color it was using only sign language. They were so good at this and so excited to tell me the color in sign language! I was so impressed with how well all my students are doing with sign language and I can’t wait to incorporate into more of our activities!

To go along with this rainbow theme I added this rainbow ribbon weaving work to our shelves. I have had other versions of weaving on our shelves and the students really enjoy it. The repetition of under, over, under, over seems to be calming and when I observe students using this material they are so concentrated and so proud when they are able to weave the ribbon all the way to the end. This little guy worked so hard weaving all the ribbons and when he finished he was singing the rainbow song while pointing to each color!